Is CashCrate Real Or Fake

We see a lot on the news everyday about fake news.

Some people wonder that as it relates to making money taking surveys.

CashCrate is a paid survey site you will come across on the Internet.

Is Cashcrate real of fake?

 Good question!

To determine whether CashCrate is real of fake just look at the facts.

Take emotion out of it. I like that when reviewing any paid survey program.

This way people who have not made money do not matter because it is almost always their own fault and not the fault of the company, in this case Cashcrate.

Here are some facts.

1. Payment wall. I really like this one. People post copies of their most recent checks. Cash Crate has paid out over $3.9 Million Dollars to their members. Looking at some checks I see $46.96 to Zachary, $89.54 to Amber, $30.28 to LaToya.

2. My payments. I have rec'd over $26,000 so far from CashCrate. I do not get a check, but I do get payments to my PayPal account. I have made most of my money with the CashCrate referral program.

3. 10 years old. CashCrate was started in 2006. As a 10 year old business there is nothing fake about it.

4. It is free. CashCrate does not cost anything to join. They make their money from their advertisers and from the surveys they are paid for and then give some of that money to you.

5. Discussion forum. Join the members forum and watch and learn. Over 5 Million members have joined. It is also free to join.

6. Contests. Earn extra money and points. They daily and month contests. Currently there is a 2016 Holiday Contest going on.

Get started and take your first survey in the next 5 minutes.

Join Cashcrate for free here!

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